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Create a Secure Globus Container

In order to run services securely over https, you must run a secure container. Running a secure container requires container credentials or a host certificate and corresponding private key. For more information on obtaining container credentials click here. Running a secure Globus container requires the creation of a security descriptorwhich tells Globus how to configure the default container and this includes the specification of the host certificate and private key. Below we have provided an example security descriptor:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<securityConfig xmlns="">
        <key-file value="PATH_TO_HOST_CREDENTIAL_PRIVATE_KEY"/>
        <cert-file value="PATH_TO_HOST_CREDENTIAL_CERTIFICATE"/>

To start a secure Globus container, do the following:

  • Using a new command prompt, change to the Globus location directory and start up Globus. (If globus is already running, be sure to terminate it before you proceed with starting another one.)

%> globus-start-container.bat -containerDesc ..\..\certificates\security-descriptor.xml

If the command completes successfully, you should see the following output:

Starting SOAP server at:
With the following services:

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