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ISO 21090

ISO 21090

The ISO 21090 support project adds support for ISO 21090 data types to caGrid. It consists of components which add functionality to the Introduce toolkit to create both analytical and data services which can make use of these data types across the existing caGrid infrastructure and tooling.

Analytical services support

The ISO 21090 datatypes Introduce extension is a specialized Types Discovery Extension which plugs in to the Introduce toolkit. It provides one-click operation to add ISO 21090 data types to an analytical service by automatically adding XML schemas, providing Java beans, and configuring XML serialization and deserialization.

Data services support

The ISO 21090 data services extension provides support for caCORE SDK 4.3 and the localized implementation of ISO 21090 it provides. This extension gives service developers a simple wizard-like interface with which to identify required artifacts from the caCORE SDK system, and provides for domain model generation and CQL query functionality against that data resource.


The scope of this work is covered by the caGrid ISO 21090 support scope document, and is available from the caGrid svn repository:

ISO Datatypes Scope Document

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