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The Grid Trust Service (GTS) is a Web Services Resource Framework compliant federated infrastructure enabling the provisioning and management of a grid trust fabric. The salient features of the GTS can be summarized as follows:

  • It provides a complete Grid enabled federated solution for registering and managing certificate authority certificates and CRLs, facilitating the enforcement of the most recent trust agreements.
  • It allows the definition and management of levels of assurance, such that certificate authorities may be grouped and discovered by the level of trust that is acceptable to the consumer.
  • The federated nature of the GTS, coupled with its ability to create and manage arbitrary arrangements of authorities into levels of assurance, allows it to facilitate the curation of numerous independent trust overlays across the same physical Grid.
  • The GTS can also perform validation for a client, allowing a client to submit a certificate and trust requirements in exchange for a validation decision, which allows for a centralized certificate verification and validation.

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