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CSM Service

The Common Security Module Service provides a caGrid service interface to administer authorizations based on the Common Security Module (CSM). It also provides integration between CSM and Grid Grouper, enabling authorization policies to be based on groups in Grid Grouper. The CSM Service also provides a GAARDS UI module to administer authorization policies through the GAARDS UI.
CSM provides security tools that provide application/service developers with a flexible solution for authentication. When using CSM to enforce authorization policies, the policies are managed by the CSM service. In other words, CSM is a mechanism for making authorization decisions that determine if someone is allowed to do something. The policy information that CSM uses to make decision is kept in database tables. In addition to administering authorization policies, the CSM service can import user group definitions from gridGrouper into the CSM tables and then poll gridGrouper for updates to the group definitions.

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