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The MDR Plugin for Enterprise Architect allows the user to query resources available from the MDR Query Grid Service. It is a modified version of the original "UK CancerGrid Query Service Addin".

The plugin is started by right-clicking an element in the project browser, then Add-In -> MDR Query Service Panel.
On startup, a list of available resources is retrieved from the MDR. The screenshot shows the results of a query sent to the caDSR resource using the term "Gender".

The Search type dropdown allows the user to search the chosen resource by Term, Exact Term, and CDE ID.

The "Details" panel is populated when an specific result is selected from the "Results" area.

The service URL area at the bottom allows the user to target a different MDR query service when the default one is not desired. Click the "Connect" button to retrieve the list of resources from the new service. The "Reset" button sets the service back to the default one.

The plugin allows searches to be performed within an specific context. A context name can be simply typed into the Context box. Alternatively, the "Get List" button can be used to retrieve a list of available contexts from the selected resource.

The "Props/Values" tab shows concepts and value-type information. !
The "OC/Props" tab shows concepts associated with CDE's object classes and properties.
The "Other" tab shows the item's Id, the Workflow Status, and the Resource Context.
The "Annotate with CDE" button allows the user to annotate a particular class attribute with the selected item from the "Results" panel.

The annotation results in two new tagged values added to the annotated class attribute.
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