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MDR Core Overview

MDR Core is the ISO/IEC 11179 compliant Metadata Registry. It comprises of eXist XML database and is capable of storing, versioning and maintaining semantic metadata using a web frontend. It has tools to create, edit, deploy and search common data elements (CDEs) for UML model development. The metadata is annotated with conceptual information from a local or remote lexEVS system. This enables sites with MDR Core to create and manage CDEs and share with partners in the research community. Individual sites can create a non authoritative metadata resource during development and if required, add to the NCI metadata registry 'caDSR' at a later stage. This would facilitate applications developed using metadata to interoperate among them.

Current Process followed at NCI:

Figure: The above diagram describes the current process of model development using NCI's infrastructure components.

Shortcomings of the Current NCI process:

  • No support for "local" metadata or terminologies/ontologies.
  • Cannot or not intended to stand up a "local" caDSR .
  • The annotation tools and caDSR cannot annotate or store a model that is annotated by more that one metadata registry.
  • Hard to or cannot copy content from NCI caDSR to your own caDSR.
  • caGrid tools currently can only create grid data services that use models which have gone through the Semantic Integration Workbench (SIW), which makes current use of NCI source of metadata approach inevitable.
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