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Welcome to openMDR HomePage

OpenMDR is a suite of software that provides caGrid-compatible semantic metadata management capabilities. The suite includes four different components:
  1. MDR Core,
  2. MDR Query,
  3. MDR Plugin, and
  4. MDR Domain Model Generator.

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Release 1.1 Available Now

Download the source release: Source Code zip
Build Instructions: openMDR1.1
Major New Features/Functionalities:

  • User Interface enhancements
  • Data Element Wizard - user intuitive way of creating data elements
  • Automated versioning for all metadata registry items
  • Storing and validation of Annotated UML Models
  • Conceptual information addition for Value Meanings
  • Addition of Query Resources such as SNOMEDCT, ICD9, GO, HL7 and LOINC using Bioportal REST interface
  • Automated usage of the most recent coding schemes for LexEVS concepts
  • Versioning of Reference Documents
  • Multiple contacts per organization
  • The Semantic Metadata generated includes value domain concepts
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